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Tax Planning & Compliance
For Individuals

Be proactive in your personal financial planning with financial services from Grasmeier Business Consulting. Get assistance with preparing your local, state, or federal tax return. Whether your tax return is simple and straightforward or contains a number of moving parts that need to be organized and maximized, the experts at Grasmeier can provide you with assurance that you are meeting your legal obligations while guiding you to exceed your expectations.

Gift tax regulations can be confusing

Learn the ins and outs of gift tax – the tax levied on the transfer of money or any gifts of value, such as property. Perhaps one of the most misunderstood taxes, the gift tax regulations include many exclusions, exceptions, and complicated formulas for determining tax basis issues. Making a gift of money or property has advantages and disadvantages. Sort them out with the expert advice of our accountants.

Personal financial planning is for everyone

Personal financial planning is for everyone, not just the uber-wealthy. It is the process of identifying your financial goals and determining the steps needed to achieve them. If your personal financial plan includes real estate investing, we are uniquely qualified and experienced in providing real estate investment services. We work closely with your Certified Financial Planners and Advisors and can provide guidance from a tax perspective. We understand your financial needs whether its maximizing profits, minimizing tax exposure, mitigating capital gain exposure, or taking advantage of Tax Treaties.

Tax planning and compliance for many of our clients includes
international tax services. Our founder’s personal experience
gives Grasmeier Business Consulting insights into the issues
faced by international residents and investors.